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Truck Repairs in Downingtown, PA

About Us

TAK is a mobile diesel mechanic and fabricator. Our family-owned business specializes in truck repairs and maintenance, and we aim to provide you with the best mobile and on-site service and repair. You can count on us to handle all the welding and mobile truck repairs you need.



We do various repairs, from large to small equipment, and sell restored equipment. While the day-to-day mission is heavy equipment service and repair, we also offer driving/operation, site clearing, fabrication, and restoration.


Mobile Truck Repairs


On-Site Hydraulic Hose Repair

Semi-Truck Preventive Maintenance



A Man Welding


Our owner and operator has over 45 years of experience and knowledge in truck and equipment repair. We are quick and efficient and always do the job right. With our skills and expertise, we can provide everything from routine semi-truck preventative maintenance to motor rebuilding. No matter your heavy equipment needs, we will take care of you. Contact us today for on-site hydraulic hose repair and more in the Downingtown, PA area.


Very professional and knowledgeable company. I was broke down on a back road and having the convenience of the on site repair truck was a total life saver as there was no way to get me towed out to a repair shop. Very friendly and highly experienced with the ability to get me up and running again at a great cost. Highly recommend TAK for repairs and service and now is my ace in the hole when I need a good mechanic. We now use him to service our fleet of trucks and trailers with what appears to be an endless capability of services. Thank you, Al for your services and helping me keep my promise to my daughter and made it to her concert on time despite the break down.

Eric B.

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